Pre-filing Consultation

With the average monthly cost of long-term residential care approaching $3,500.00 and average longevity increasing annually, many elderly are close to exhausting their financial resources by the time long-term care is needed. CFEVR’s Pre-Filing Consultation is a means for those in need of long term residential or in-home care to:

  • quickly, accurately and efficiently determine which – if any – VA Disability Benefits may apply to them,
  • which benefit would be to their maximum financial advantage, and
  • if under federal statute and regulation, they appear to be eligible for the entitlement in question.

A CFEVR Pre-Filing Consultation generally occurs before a buying decision for care is made and in all cases before an individual becomes a “claimant” under the definition found in 38 CFR § 14.627(h).  A Pre-Filing Consultation consists of a review of records, research, counselling, and any other assistance that a potential VA claimant might need short of actually preparing and presenting a specific claim for benefits.

With the knowledge provided by a Pre-filing Consultation, a Veteran or family member can make an intelligent buying decision that maximizes care and minimizes out-of-pocket costs. The deliverable from our Consultation is a legal opinion from Ms. Vanderkooi stating whether the facts in your case would persuade the VA to grant a benefit under current federal regulation and the potential amount of the award.  This opinion is provided to our client after thoroughly reviewing the eligibility requirements under federal law and how the documented and verifiable facts in an individual’s case meet those requirements.

A small, one-time legal fee is charged for the consultation. Our consultation fee is not compensation for the preparation, presentation or prosecution of a specific benefit claim.  If the outcome of our Pre-Filing Consultation is an opinion that, under applicable federal law applied to your personal circumstances, a claim for benefits would likely not be successful, it is CFEVR’s policy not to charge a fee for our work.