Kristen’s and Carroll’s Corner

Kristen’s Press Box


Kristen Vanderkooi, Esq.

Kristen Vanderkooi has always found her professional passion in protecting and caring for those in need. Prior to her current practice, she found this in a Law Enforcement career and as a Plaintiff’s, Civil Rights and Defense Attorney. Kristen believes strongly in supporting this country’s elderly veterans and their families who are being marginalized by health care costs. She believes that our society should ensure that all, but especially those who fought for our country, should be allowed to spend their final years with a minimum standard of dignity and honor.



Carroll’s Community


National Director of Care Provider Outreach

Carroll joined the law firm in 2011.  Prior to joining the firm she was a trainer, manager and wrote training content for a leading senior placement service. She also was an advisor and touched thousands of families in some format while they navigated the tough decisions surrounding senior care.  Carroll became passionate about senior care when, in 1998, a close member of her family was diagnosed with cancer and she became a caregiver.  This experience was a painful one, but also one that changed the course of her life. The experience led her to be a senior advocate and to the decision to help other families struggling with care giving.  VA benefits could have helped Carroll and her family with care giving had they known they were available.  She says, “I would have still taken care of my father-in-law, but having the additional income would have allowed us to hire outside help to support us had we known about the benefit