Denial Review

Have you been formally denied benefits?

There are a number of reasons this can happen and a second opinion is invaluable to check if the denial was accurate.  Often times we can have this reversed when we discover the error.

At CFEVR, we have a dedicated, experienced team ready to review your denial and advise you on the best course of action.  Our initial consultations are without cost or obligation.  To allow us to do the best job possible for you, please provide us with a copy of the original claim, evidence, and the VA denial letter.  These documents will help us quickly and accurately provide sound advice, guidance and insight.  In law, there is a much simpler and faster way to “fix” an incorrect denial if the denial was based on evidence or incompleteness issues.  Instead of a year or more, the “fix” may only take 3-4 months.  And in most cases the “fix” will extend retroactively to when you first applied for benefits.

Call our Denial Team at (800) 394-1250.

Our fax number for sending documents is (800) 694-1272. Please include the name of the primary contact and the best day time phone number for reaching you.