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National Director of Care Provider Outreach

During a recent meeting with our team of web designers, they felt that it might be important for visitors to our site to know who Carroll Dale is.  For those who know me, I’m not into the whole self- promotion craze so needless to say this is “foreign territory” to me but here goes…..

I could tell you what I’ve done and can do from driving a forklift to center punching an “X” from 600 yards with iron sights, but for some reason I don’t think that is what they had in mind. I think this next sentence is what they had in mind. I’m a seasoned (nice word for older) professional with over 29 years of Sales experience, with the last 12 or so years focused on Seniors and the Senior Living Industry.

I’m a proud mother to 3 wonderfully well-adjusted daughters, a Vietnam Veterans wife and true to those who call me friend. I’m dedicated and doggedly loyal to any person, position or employer willing to take me on.  I don’t do sort of, maybe, or sometimes.  I’m either on or off – all in or out.

I can be an HR nightmare because coming from the South, I do say “sugar, honey, sweetie” which are all terms of endearment and spoken sincerely.  I hug a lot and don’t ask first.  At times I use colorful language, laugh until I cry, try to walk off when I’m angry or at least bite my tongue.  I love, cry, worry, trust, share and make a killer scratch cornbread. I bet you think that is a completely disconnected statement but alas…it is not.  I say what is on my mind and feel at my age I’ve outgrown the need to be PC.  I’m honest to a fault.  I do forgive but have a hard time forgetting.  I am flawed but then again aren’t we all?

If you were born, then you have parents and if you still have your parents you are blessed.  Inevitably, you are going to have to warm your belly up to this whole senior aging deal because it is coming.  Coping with aging parents is one of the absolute hardest things you will ever do….you just have to trust me on this if you aren’t there yet.   It astounds me that this is an issue we all will have in common but yet so little is discussed amongst family members and the general public.  Just like there are no instructions to parenting, there are no instructions for parenting your parents either….is there an app for that?

I have lots of love and experiences to share and I hope you are able to relate to some of them possibly by finding an application in your own life.  I’m not a polished writer – I just put it out there…I have ceased to be concerned about grammatical errors.  I call it my own style because it makes me feel better.

After care-giving, I “sang over” my dear father-in-law when he passed and if you don’t know what that means, give me a call. I sincerely hope that my life experiences have resulted in a dollop of wisdom worthy of sharing and you find something in my musings to enhance your life. And if nothing else, they made you feel, reflect and possibly laugh. I care.

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