Complete Representation

Once our client expresses intent to become a claimant for VA Disability Benefits and further requests to be represented by CFEVR before the VA, our firm will completely represent that claimant until the request for representation is revoked or the claim is fully completed. All representation before the VA provided by CFEVR is absolutely without any charge of any kind unless it occurs after a Notice of Disagreement is filed or on an appeal. In these cases, appropriate fees governed by federal law are permitted.

I. Vetting Required Evidence

Ms. Vanderkooi and her staff of paralegals will advise you exactly what evidence is needed to prove your case.  With your assistance, we will gather the required evidence, complete the required forms and submit the fully developed and completed claim to the VA. A major problem with VA claims is that all too often the unrepresented claimant has no guidance as to what evidence is actually needed by VA and what that evidence must prove.  Often too much or too little evidence is presented.  Both extremes can significantly delay claim processing. We will help you gather only the evidence needed to prove your case.  CFEVR has the experience to know what evidence needs to be submitted and what the VA is looking for in terms of proof.  We will gather all of this evidence, complete all required forms and submit the claim on your behalf as a Fully Developed Claim.

If necessary, CFVER staff will submit an Informal Claim prior to the submission of the Formal Claim in order to secure and hold the earliest legitimate effective date for your claim.

II. Claim Follow-up

Once the claim is submitted, CFEVR is glad to provide updates on the status of a claim upon request by the client if the claim remains un-awarded after ninety (90) days. We will be happy to contact the VA on your behalf at regular intervals to determine the progress of your claim. As an accredited attorney with proper VA security training, Ms. Vanderkooi has been granted read-only access directly into the VA SHARE database which helps to streamline this process.

If the VA requests additional information or requires clarification, CFEVR will prepare the necessary response for you.  CFEVR clients are not left on their own to respond to requests from the VA.  We will be with you through the entire claim process and beyond.